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Digital Design services in London and Kent

Thanks for visiting. My name is Huw Gwilliam;

I’m a freelance designer for screen and print.

My company is Littlepixel Design Ltd, and I create responsive user-experience and front-end design for the web, apps, and all digital platforms, with an emphasis on function, balance and strong typography. My work isn't solely screen-based, branching into associated branding, typeface design, design consultation and print collateral. With over twenty-four years experience in the media industry, and having recently decamped from London to the Kent Coast, I'm always looking for exciting new projects with enthusiastic people.

I believe effective design should be simply executed, well considered, and beautifully crafted.

A bit of background:

My experience is wide ranging, working with many clients, from organisations like the BBC, Pernod-Ricard, UBS, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Al Jazeera and the BFI as well as more community-facing projects for NGOs and charities along the way. Pretty much all my work comes from repeat business or word of mouth, which I think speaks to my skills, quality and value as a graphics professional.

I'm a team person - I love working with good copywriters, illustrators, photographers, producers, marketeers and developers to bring a project to realisation. I'm big on planning things out first, prioritising function and consistency across pages and platforms, and always fastidious with the details.

I studied Graphic Information Design at Falmouth College of Art, graduating in 1996 with honours, and have always tried to work to the courses' credo of form following function.

I've been working as a freelance contractor since setting up my own company in 2006 after a long and rewarding stint as designer and Art director at London agency Atticmeda.

What else can I tell you?

My portfolio:

Downloading a PDF containing a representative selection of work seems easier than having to hunt around for links to sites and apps that may require signup or aren't publicly available.

This version is pretty up to date:

PDF iconDesign Examples (7.1 Mb Acrobat PDF)

Am I available?

I'm often spinning a few plates at once, but that doesn't usually mean I'm not available.

Why not call, text or email me and we can talk about your project, whether I might be a good fit for it and how we might schedule something?

You'll need my contact details:

Call or text me on +44 (0)79 7990 2215 or email me at

I look forward to hearing from you soon.